Luna Mountain

Luna Mountain is a mobile puzzle game that requires you to rotate the mountain and align caves to get Nula to the top. Caves are linked via colours, and some…

Attic Window

A circular window created for the attic room my miniature circus will be placed in. 2048×2048 | Maya | Mudbox | 3DCoat Window (Miniature Circus) by sazberryftw on Sketchfab

Umbrella Circus Tent

Umbrella created for my miniature circus as the circus tent. 2048 x 2048 | Maya | Mudbox | Photoshop          

Teeny Tiny’s Travelling Circus

Teeny Tiny’s Travelling Circus is a miniature world created by the tiny people that live in your house. Everything in the scene is fashioned out of bits and bobs and…

Colour By Day (GGJ16)

Colour By Day was a project I started during the 2016 Global Game Jam with four other team mates (Alex Haddow-Mendes, Andreas Katsouris, Josh Semans and Steph McStea). We have…

Hold Your Gold (Jamchester 2016)

I participated in Jamchester 2016 with Alex Houghton and Brad Redfern, two programmers I met at the event. The theme was “You’ve already won” and we created Hold Your Gold,…

Rock Study

I am practicing my organic asset creation using Zbrush and 3DCoat by creating a series of rocks and trees. Zbrush | Maya | 3DCoat