Hold Your Gold (Jamchester 2016)

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I participated in Jamchester 2016 with Alex Houghton and Brad Redfern, two programmers I met at the event. The theme was “You’ve already won” and we created Hold Your Gold, a tower defense, shoot em’ up where the treasure you’ve claimed comes back to fight you.
We created the game using Unity for the VISR VR with a Windows phone. The game is played in a 360 arena using the button on the VISR to throw coins.

Hold Your Gold on Devpost




Colour By Day (GGJ16)

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Colour By Day was a project I started during the 2016 Global Game Jam with four other team mates (Alex Haddow-Mendes, Andreas Katsouris, Josh Semans and Steph McStea). We have since then continued to develop it and it will be finished in the next few weeks.
The theme was ‘Ritual’ and we interpreted this by creating a game revolving around the negative impact of having a bad routine (or ‘ritual’) in your life.
The game begins in black and white and the player walks through the same environment everyday till they choose to partake in puzzles. Each puzzle represents something positive in life to embrace and the player must complete these puzzles each day to bring colour into the game.
After all the puzzles are completed, the game will be in full colour.
I was responsible for art direction and creating the environment as well as general level and puzzle design.

Screenshot - Bedroom

Screenshot - Corridor

Screenshot - Art Room

Screenshot - Kitchen

Screenshot - Hallway